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SOT Meetings

Our December SOT meeting will be in February via  Google Meet  All members of the Culley community are invited to attend.  Please contact for any questions.


SOT Agendas

Click the links below to view SOT meeting agendas.

August 2021 SOT Agenda

May 2021 SOT Agenda

April 2021 SOT Agenda

March 2021 SOT Agenda

March 2020 SOT Agenda

January 2020 SOT Agenda

December 2019 SOT Agenda


Click the links below to view SOT meeting minutes.

January 2020 SOT Minutes

December 2019 SOT Minutes

November 2019 SOT Minutes

Parent Representatives

Support Staff Representatives

Ramona Corral

Administrator Representatives (Non-Voting)

Ellen Stayman

Charles Baggs

Parent Representatives

Shanice Rosario

Rosanna Orozco

Erika Montes

Vanessa Legaspi

Support Staff Representative

MaryAnn Stecklein

Licensed Educator Representatives

Darrin Matthies

Dolly Rowan

David Mcallister

Brandi Cuti

A message about the law that created SOT's

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1200 N Mallard St, Las Vegas, NV 89108, USA


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